Passport Application Requirements
Applying for a new passport is done at the Embassy Chancery in Berlin. Please book for an appointment online.

Appointment Cancellation Policy

The Embassy of the Republic of Zimbabwe reserves the right to cancel or reschedule an appointment due to severe weather conditions, an emergency, or any other unforeseen circumstances. In the event of this happening, the Embassy will find a new day and time that will work. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy under any circumstances.
Passport forms (P1) are currently available at the Embassy Chancery. Please be advised that both the Embassy and the Registrar General’s Office do not accept downloaded P1 forms.

Requirements for Passport Renewal:

Originals and photocopies of the following documents:

  1. Long Birth Certificate;
  2. Zimbabwean National Identity Document (I.D) for all applicants above 16 years (Driver’s Licence NOT ACCEPTED). IDs for married women with marriage certificates should bear the spouse’s surname;
  3. Current / expired passport;
  4. Marriage Certificate / divorce order where applicable;
  5. Two (2) colour passport photos (size 3.5cm x 4.5cm) on a strictly white background (please wear dark or bright colours. Cream and white colours are not acceptable). Applicants should desist from wearing any form of jewellery;
  6. Police Report required for all Lost or Stolen passports;
  7. Citizenship Certificate (for citizens by registration / if one or both parents are Zimbabwean citizens by descent or if the applicant was born outside Zimbabwe)
  8. For minors below the age of 18, the following are also required; The father/mother or legal guardian must be present to sign ‘Section 5’ of the application form. The signatory’s Passport/ID is required.
  9. FEES: 50 Euros (Cash Only)
  10. Any documents (such as marriage certificates, divorce orders, guardianship/custody court orders, etc.) which were obtained outside Zimbabwe for the purpose of changing personal identities must be authenticated by the courts or countries of origin and sealed at the Home Offices of the respective countries

Passport processing fees – to be paid in Zimbabwe in cash:

  • The administration/consular fee at the Embassy is 50 Euros
  • Ordinary passport- US$150 (in Zimbabwe)
  • Emergency or express passport – US$250 (in Zimbabwe)

A personal appearance at the Embassy is required for fingerprinting and authentication of documents. All the appropriate forms will be issued to you upon your arrival.

Consular Office hours:

Monday – Thursday
10am – 12:30pm (passport applications are closed on Fridays, and on Germany and Zimbabwe public holidays).


A personal appearance at the Embassy is REQUIRED for fingerprinting and authentication of documents; it cannot be done at a police station or by a Notary Public. The application forms cannot be mailed to you; they will be issued to you upon your arrival at the Embassy. The application process goes on smoothly if you have all your documents in order, photocopies included. Please double-check the requirements list above before you come. 

When making arrangements to come, please be advised that the average time it takes to complete the forms and process the documents is 30 minutes per person. It may take longer if you do not have all the required  documents, and/or correct passport photos.

We strongly encourage you to bring photocopies of the required documentation that will be authenticated by the Consular Officer at the Embassy. This will greatly reduce processing time and duration of visit to the Chancery. NB * Failure to bring photocopied documents means the Embassy will charge you 5 Euros for photocopying.

Once your forms have been processed and documents authenticated at the Embassy, everything will be returned to you. You must send your forms to the next of the person have given power attorney to submit and collect your passport application, Cancellation of passport is either done at the Embassy or in Zimbabwe depending on what one prefers.

We recommend DHL or Federal Express for shipping your old and new passports from Zimbabwe to the Germany.

Passport application forms expire 6 months from the date of completion. Ensure that your complete application package is received by the Passport Office in Harare before the forms expire. 
If you have additional questions not covered by this supplement, send us an e-mail at or call us at 030-98318740.

Please be informed that the processing and issuance of passports are done in Zimbabwe. 

In addition, the processing fee and duration of passports are also determined in Zimbabwe. For telephone inquiries, please contact The Registrar General’s Office on (+263-242- 702295-9/ +263-242-706311-2)

NB: Applicants can submit their passport applications forms to any of the following Registrar General Offices:

  1. Harare
  2. Bulawayo
  3. Gwanda
  4. Gweru
  5. Mutare