Marriage Certificates & Non-marriage Certificates

Requirements for obtaining a Marriage Certificate:

  • Names of the married couple
  • Date of Marriage
  • Chapter type of Marriage
  • Requirements for foreign nationals coming to Zimbabwe specifically to get married:

If getting married in court:

  • Passports of bride and groom; and
  • Divorce decree (if divorced)
  • Death certificate (if widowed)
  • Two witnesses

If getting married in church:

  • Marriage license issued by court; and
  • No marriage certificate (or Certificate of Non-Impediment) issued by authorities in country of residence.

Non-marriage certificates

Non-marriage certificates are issued to Zimbabwean nationals seeking to either marry for the first time or to remarry. These are applied for in person at the Embassy if you are  not  able  to travel  to Zimbabwe or through a nominee at the Registrar of Marriages at Makombe Building in Harare, Zimbabwe.
The  charge  for  non-marriage  searches is 30 Euros
Check for further information on:

No Objection Statement
The Embassy will give  this  letter  to  those  who  are wanting  to get married  and the  State in which  they  are  in requires  this  letter. Requirements for this are:

  • Write a letter of Request
  • Provide  an  authenticated  Non-Marriage Certificate 
  • 2 copies of your passport
  • Fee: 30.00  Euros